Aaron Starkey artist-2015




“Hyperdrive post-hardcore noise rock from guys old enough to do it as well as their heroes” -WWeek “as many people as possible should be exposed to the earcrushing delight that is Gaytheist” -Portland Mercury “Your mom, your daddy, and that one person you like from the grocery store? They’re all gaytheists. Oh, and you are too for that matter.” -Vice “They are the musical version of Shark Week, a super predator hidden by deceptively calm waters.” -About “the air of the 80’s hardcore explosion, fused with chunky riffs adopted from modern hardcore, accompanied by singing styles that range from beautifully clean blasts to trashy, throat-tearing screams. The tonal quality of both the bass and guitar are perfectly dialed in, and share the weight of the fuzzy doom corralled by the thunderous, and ably-placed percussive whacks. Lyrically, this album is a true delectation.” -Seattle Music Insider “Jesus, Gaytheist. You’ve rendered me speechless. From touching lyrics, “Fuck sex, let’s dance and call it romance” to “They tied a steak to his balls, then they fed it to the dogs” we have a rarity of audible vocals yelling and telling over some of the most creative shred I’ve ever heard out of Portland.” -The Seattle Passive-Aggressive “Quirky vocal theatrics and odd-ball lyrics (see “Post-Apocalyptic Lawsuit”) that together sound like a heck of a lot of fun. Catch these dudes at a Romney/Ryan rally near you!” -Metal Sucks “Jesus fuck a walrus, this band is amazing.” -American Aftermath “Gaytheist is a trio that rips rock music apart like a paper shredder, and does so with infectious and gleeful abandon.” -Willamette Week