Aaron Starkey artist-2015




When she was nine years old, “Gabby” Kadushin used to walk from Montlake Elementary School to her Central District home and …write raps about the things going on around her. She memorized radio songs after a couple listens and spent Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays in church, where her mother sang in the choir. Throughout her childhood and teens, she soaked up the power of East Coast female MCs like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte and Bahamadia. She rode around in cars bumping Bay Area legends like Mac Dre and E-40. Outside of church, Michael Jackson and Tupac were her prophetic icons. In 2012, Gab released her first EP Queen La’Chiefah under the name Gifted Gab (formerly Gift uh Gab). Emerged was a fully-formed composite of her influences: Her wall-to-wall classicist flow combining with a combative, unrestrained love-of-self, codeine-dipped blunts and West Coast lingo. In addition to an unflinching acknowledgement of fallen loved ones and the social ills going on in the communities around her. Her influences form her style, but they don’t stunt her scope; she can take the stage alongside her peers as well as she can open for her idols. She’s the self-possessed female among the many dudes in her crew, Moor Gang, Seattle’s rendition of the Wu-Tang Clan. In May of 2014, Gab dropped her first full length project titled “Girl Rap” and it quickly gained national success. She’s opened for legends such as Dj Quik, Rakim, Cam’ron, and slick Rick and has also been recognized in prominent Blogs/magazines such as XXL, VH1 and TIME amongst other outlets…. this girl is on her grind and has talent out the ass and needs to be recognized on a global level.