Aaron Starkey artist-2015




THE STORY OF GIRL TROUBLE…In 1964 Bon met Kahuna, her brother. Later, in 1983, Kahuna took up the guitar he’d built in high school shop class. Bon bought a little drumset from the Sears surplus store. They began to play together in an old shed located next to their parents house. Kahuna played one string and Bon played pretty much as she does today. School friend, Dale Phillips, decided to come over and play his fake Fender bass. The new trio practiced for a few months until they decided it would be a lot easier on everyone if somebody else could sing. They looked through all the possibilities and noticed that K.P. Kendall was taking over as self-appointed Master of Ceremonies at every party they attended. This was exactly the frontman they needed to keep everybody entertained while Kahuna changed broken guitar strings. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS LATER…the same four people are Girl Trouble. After tons of releases on as many indie labels; shows in every punk dive in the Northwest; tours of the US, Canada and Europe; and publication of the fanzine Wig Out, their long climb on the stairway to stardom is not over yet…at least that’s what they think! Meet them now or meet them later, eventually you’ll have to meet them. As Girl Trouble says, Our friends are on major labels. We are on medication.