Jaime Wyatt

Aaron Starkey artist-2016

Jaime Wyatt



“Jaime Wyatt is a striking figure that walks the Earth with an old soul. Despite Wyatt’s roots in rock music, her vocal style has always been considered country, with a rich, sometimes raspy tone and frequent use of breaks and bends. Comparisons are frequently drawn to Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks and at times she has been anointed a female Tom Petty. Nancy Wilson of Heart even professed loving Wyatt’s “Punk Rock attitude.” Regardless of genre, Wyatt is all things classic and American; a dynamic performer, powerhouse singer and stellar guitar player, sailing between vintage 60’s and 70’s Country/ Rock/Soul anthems and heartfelt ballads of love and confusion. Originally discovered by Skip Williamson of LA indie label Lakeshore Records while still living in her hometown of Gig Harbor, Washington State, she signed her first recording contract at 17. Her Lakeshore Records self-titled EP was produced by Pete Droge, and delivered a windfall with every song receiving placement in a major motion picture or soundtrack, some of which included Wicker Park (“Lightswitch”), Midnight Meat Train (song title), and Feast of Love (song title). The track “Lightswitch” became a hit at college and indie radio in the U.S., alongside at stations across the European continent. Tiffany, of 80’s pop radio fame, covered her composition “Mind Candy” on her album country album Just Me. Wyatt’s standout voice and classic songwriting intuition has earned her features in several movies and TV shows, such as ABC’s Nashville and The Big Bang Theory. In 2015 she was featured singing a duet with reality TV star Ashley Hamilton on his E! Entertainment TV show, The Stewarts and the Hamilton’s and his album Act One (Universal Music Group). Also in 2015, Wyatt self-released her second solo album From Outer Space Produced by Mark Howard (Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson) on all digital markets as well as a special edition colored 7” Vinyl Marijuana Man. Howard offers, “The one thing that struck me about Jaime was that she comes from the same place where Emmy Lou Harris and Lucinda Williams comes from. She has that same soul in her voice and her writing is up to that same greatness. She will be one of the next great singer-songwriters to follow in their footsteps.” She spent this last year on the road in support of the album, playing clubs and festivals throughout the pacific northwest, southwest and south, such as Wildwood Revival, Bandit Town, Chinook Fest and Long Beach Folk Revival Festival. Wyatt can frequently be found at the Grand Ole Echo in her hometown of Los Angeles and loves playing parties at her favorite vintage clothing stores throughout the U.S. perhaps, due to her love of vintage 70’s and country threads.”