Aaron Starkey artist-2015




As a high school senior in a Seattle suburb, Zach Shaw exchanged a paddleboat for his first guitar. Around the same time, his twin step brothers, Ben and Josh Phelps, were cutting their musical teeth with hardcore/punk bands in California. In 2006, the twins moved up to Washington and the three started playing together in their parents’ den. With Zach singing and playing guitar, Ben at the drums, and Josh on bass, their music was initially of the mellow acoustic sort. But they soon gravitated towards a more soulful sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Al Green, Ray Charles, and The Rolling Stones. In 2012, the brothers decided to make music their primary pursuit. The band adopted their great-grandfather’s name, Lanford Black, and started testing out material at Seattle staples like The Tractor Tavern and Conor Byrne. Two years later, Josh’s college roommate, Forrest Ghilchrist, joined the band and Lanford Black truly found its stride. Onstage chemistry was a non-issue: these guys love making music together and their energy is infectious. With raw vocals, searing guitar riffs, and a tight rhythm section, Lanford Black offers an invitation to the dance floor that’s impossible to refuse. Lanford Black is a rock-soul revival band comprised of Zach Shaw (guitar/vocals), Forrest Ghilchrist (guitar), Ben Phelps (drums), and Josh Phelps (bass). The band is recording an EP in April 2015. Stay tuned