Aaron Starkey artist-2015




Lazer Kitty is an instrumental, improvisational space-rock trio from Seattle, WA. Featuring Jason Jordan on bass, Scot Porter (aka Vox Mod) on drums, and Kyle Porter (founder of Unsound America) on synthesizer, Lazer Kitty has created their own sonic wilderness. The group officially came together in December of 2010 and set off to perform whatever felt good and challenging individually and as a collective. Song names and traditional song structures are afterthoughts at best, but the internal engine of the band always reaches for the emotional, the enlightened, and the evocative. For over a year they have performed and recorded numerous concerts and rehearsals. Through these, they accrued some familiar riffs and phrases that have become the backbone for many of the songs on Lazer Kitty’s debut studio album, RUINS – a breakthrough recording that immerses the listener into soundscapes never before heard nor imagined. Lazer Kitty continues to pursue their passion for the synergy of sound, the evolution of ideas, and an endless journey into the unknown…