Aaron Starkey artist-2016




“Lesbian is an American heavy metal group, which was formed in April 2004 by lead guitarist Arran McInnis, guitarist Daniel La Rochelle, bassist/vocalist Dorando Hodous (The Accüsed) and drummer Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy. The band’s 2007 debut album, Power Hor, was released on Holy Mountain Records with a sticker on the cover describing it as “”The New Wave of American Psychedelic Metal””. In 2008, Roadburn Records released a split 10″” with Ocean on one side and Lesbian on the other, to coincide with Lesbian’s appearance at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg that year. Important Records released the band’s second full-length album, Stratospheria Cubensis, in October 2010, which the band describes on the label’s website simply as “”mushrooms in the sky with diamonds””. The band has also been known to perform and release improvised works under the name Fungal Abyss.”