Aaron Starkey artist-2016




Mirrorgloss are a genre defying dance rock trio formed in 2012 in Tacoma, Washington, featuring the guitar stylings of Danny Kenny and the unusual dual vocal pairing of best friends Najamoniq Todd and Del Brown. The decision to have two front women was a no brainer. Najamoniq’s vocal take is more soulful as Del’s is much more edgy and together the two compliment each other and bring a dynamic that is truly inspiring. The look of the band is as refreshing as their sound, sighting influences as eclectic as Death from above 1979, !!!, Holy Ghost, The System, Chic, The Pretenders and Shalamar, they do wear this inspirations whole heartedly on their collective sleeves. Tacoma has yet to experience something so different coming from the city’s already diverse musical landscape. Mirrorgloss’ mix of ballads and energetic dance tunes bring a stage show filled with raw emotion and a few surprises. Though Mirrorgloss are in the process of recording and writing new material to unveil in the coming months, this band is best experienced live!