Aaron Starkey artist-2015




Singer/songwriter Mike Giacolino left behind a different sort of life (good union job, wife, and a big house in the suburbs) when he made the decision to live by his creative pursuits. Music had always been a part of his life and he’d done time in several rock/punk outfits, but it all seems miles away from the man you see today (except for the tattoos). The culmination of one decision after another steered Giacolino from a traditional sort of life to that of a troubadour. He spent time touring the world playing with friends, while experimenting with his own material inspired by the 60’s & 70’s country/folk music of the Flying Burrito Brothers, New Riders of the Purple Sage, and John Prine. As his confidence grew, he began recording (including 2008’s solo effort The Longest Year), and realized it was time he focused his energy on the songs that were spilling out of him. He began playing around Seattle as a solo artist but soon was attracting some of the city’s finest players-Nils Petersen, J. Kardong, and Pat Schowe, to back him. It wasn’t long before they became more than just players, and today seeing an Ole Tinder show is like watching old friends play around a warm fire.