Prom Queen

Aaron Starkey artist-2015

Prom Queen



Prom Queen’s sound is cinematic, vintage and dark: drawing comparisons to classic artists such as the Roy Orbison, Nancy Sinatra and Loretta Lynn as well as contemporary artists such as Lana Del Rey, Broadcast and Dirty Beaches. After the release of her debut album “Night Sound” in 2012, Prom Queen went from a solo project to a band: with Ben Von Wildenhaus, Tom Meyers and Jason Goessel joining the fold. Prom Queen’s second album release is “Midnight Veil”: a multimedia concept album. The band has chosen to release it on DVD as a video-album: a watchable album of 12 interwoven music videos, each with their own style, following the journey of a magic lamp that travels between the videos. The project was launched and then successfully funded on Kickstarter in September of 2013 and released in October 2014.