Behind the Scenes: Come Out & Play

The Macefield Music Festival has always been a community effort.  From booking and production, to the artists who play, and the sponsors who help make it happen, it takes a village to put together an undertaking like this and we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone who gives their time, talents, ideas, and labor to put this together. Today we announced our 2016 Macefield Music Festival line-up via a 30 second promotional video.  Each year we try to showcase the incredible talent in our community in a fun way.  This year we sat down and discussed what the theme of our videos would be and two iconic things came to mind: Pat Benatar’s “Love Is A Battlefield” and the 80’s cult classic “The Warriors.”  We giggled about how fun it would be to create a mashup of these two visions- pitting band against band, genre against genre, the shoulder shaking…

The only thing that gave us pause was the violence that provided the backbone to both.  Our newsfeeds are heavy with stories about sexual and physical violence that many communities are reeling from each day.  We didn’t want to add to that.  Instead, we talked about how many female-fronted bands are part of the Macefield Music Festival each year, and how bands in our music community tend to help each other out, and book cross-genre shows together rather than act as rivals, and how our own festival fits into the mix-as the musicians who have played our festival repeatedly tell us how they appreciate getting to check out their friend’s sets during the festival.

Mashing Love is A Battlefield + The Warriors

A lot of us in the musical community are used to turning pain, fear, and heartbreak into art, and we decided to take one of the most admittedly creepy scenes from “The Warriors” and turn it into the Macefield Music Festival’s theme this year: Come Out & Play. Ambassador of Fun  We knew right away that our own Ambassador of Fun Kurt Bloch would be the one to deliver that line and he’s been game to do stupider things than yelling “Macefielders, come out and play-ay” out a truck window for a half hour on a sunny day in Ballard, alerting business owners and passersby who were not aware that we were filming a video.
We also knew that whoever we got to cover Benatar’s iconic song had to have some pipes.  Evening Bell’s Caitlin Sherman immediately came to mind.  Luckily the band was down to work on updating the song and putting their own spin on it.  Killroom Records’ Ben Jenkins recorded it and donated studio time, and Nils Peterson (Rose Windows/Hotel Vignette) produced the track.
Evening Bell in the Studio

Evening Bell in the Studio

We roped Ryan Jorgensen in to direct the video, Niffer Calderwood & Hillary Harris helped shoot it, and we selected musicians (Katie Blackstock from Maszer, Lupe Flores from Wild Powwers, and Mindie Lind) and folks who live, work, and play in Ballard to be the crew that responds to Kurt’s call to action. We’ll be filming more scenes in the coming months and will be releasing the full video prior to this year’s festival.  We’re beyond excited Band In Seattle will be airing this spot weekly during their show on CW 11 Saturday nights. Whether you’re a musician, a volunteer, or a festival goer, we home you WILL come out and play with us September 30th – October 2nd.  We have a lot of fun in store for all of you.  Tickets can be purchased via our website.  If you’re interested in volunteering for the festival, please visit  And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date on Macefield happenings, discounted tickets, and insider info about the festival.