More than just a logo….what sponsorship MEANS to Macefield Music Festival

rsz_mmf_2016_web_poster_v2_2_1 We’ve all seen them.  Sponsorship logos at the bottom of posters and all over websites.  The ubiquitous thumbnails that immediately identify a brand.  We glance at them for a few seconds then look at what we came to see- your favorite artist in line-up, what time that hot new band is playing, the link to buy your ticket.  They’re everywhere.  You see a lot of the usual suspects on every poster, every website.  Yeah, sure you know that most of the time they gave sponsorship money to be on there and how big their logo is consistent with how deep their pockets are, but what does sponsorship mean to an independent festival like Macefield? mmf_2016_web_poster_v2_2 (1) The short answer is everything.  We started this festival in 2013 when Seattle Weekly lost funding to continue their popular REVERB music festival.  Our long-time booker Kwab Copeland already had the festival booked and rallied a community around the idea to keep a local-focused music festival in Ballard.  The original group of Macefielders had 5 weeks to pull together a festival name, sponsorship, posters, website, and everything else it takes to make a festival happen.  The Stranger was on board from the start (and each year since).  They helped us set up ticketing and gave us incredible discounts to allow us to advertise and promote the festival.  KEXP gave us underwriting support, and their DJs talked about the festival on-air and played our artists.  We had a handful of other sponsors – mostly local businesses who gave what they could to help us start a dream.  Some donated things, some gave money, some gave their space, some their expertise. Each year it gets a little easier to get sponsorship to help us produce the festival.  Ticket sales mostly go to pay our artists, but not much is left over and we still need to apply for permits, rent fencing and portable bathrooms, print posters, buy ads, pay for security, and everything else that costs money but you don’t think about until you find yourself organizing a festival.  We’re still LARGELY powered by volunteers-including our board members who spend 7 months a year organizing the festival!! All of our sponsors are extremely committed to serving the community they live, work, play, and more in.  They’re drawn to our festival’s ideals and commitment to showcasing a wide section of the music community we are lucky enough to have in Seattle.  Last year Tito’s Vodka stepped in in a BIG WAY to help us cover our expenses and helped us create the infamous Macefield Mule.  They’re back again this year (and so is that lovely cocktail).  And this year, we made a new partnership with New Belgium Brewing who are not only helping US, but they’re also donating $1 for every beer purchased (in our beverage garden AND the surrounding bars & venues) to our nonprofit partner SMASH- Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare which we couldn’t be more excited about.  Another new sponsor La Marzocco is La Lalocal and super committed to community (you may know them from their new shop in KEXP’s new home), and Reach Now who is new on the scene and already in the know.

Promotional Sponsorship

Band in Seattle WebIn addition to The Stranger & KEXP, we get additional promotional assistance from Northwest Polite Society who do our postering (they also help us make relationships with other sponsors), Do206 (who are always rad to us), and new this year is Band in Seattle who have been running our 30 second promo spot on each weekly episode of Band In Seattle on the CW 11!! AND they are kicking off #Macefield2016 with a special LIVE TAPING of Band in Seattle Macefield Edition at The Tractor Tavern on 9/20.  This night has limited tickets and will feature Hobosexual & He Whose Ox Is Gored melting faces and battling each other for a round of music trivia.  Tickets must be purchased separately for this event. The music in that 30 second promo video was recorded at Killroom Studios who answered our panicked call and DONATED their studio and engineer to capture our theme song.  We can’t wait for you to hear the whole thing!!!!

Sponsorship Behind The Scenes

Some of the most important stuff happens behind the scenes.  We’re beyond lucky to have Monumental Undertaking on board to help us with planning and production (THEY KNOW HOW MANY PORTAPOTTIES TO ORDER).  We really couldn’t do it without them.  Literally. And last but certainly not least, we’d like to thank our venues: Tractor Tavern, Sunset Tavern, Conor Byrne, Hotel Albatross.  They took a HUGE CHANCE on us 4 years ago and scrambled to help us put this festival together.  They have given us support, input, sometimes loans, staffing, and the opportunity to keep doing this thing.  We cannot give enough thanks or love or recognition for everything they have done and continue to do for this festival.  Thank you. Are YOU interested in sponsoring Macefield Music Festival? There’s still time! You can email us at macefieldmusicfestival at gmail dot com!